Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I had today all planned out. Since it's my first day of no classes (can I get a yeehaw!) I wanted to be extra productive with my time and get some hard-core studying in. I can't believe I already have a meal management final tomorrow. When did that sneak up on me?

To start the day off right I had my first peach of the season on the side of 1.5 c. kashi heart to heart with 1 c. milk and 2 T. walnuts. I'm loving cereal for breakfast lately...

So then I studied for a bit...but there's only so much you can read about sulfite compounds and anthocyanins and cream of tartar before you sort of drift away. Yes, yes...I know I'll look back someday and see why it was all so very important. And for the most part I even find it interesting. But I also tend to drift when I'm reading the material, and it can be hard to stay mentally focused.

Snack was a T. pb on toast, which came about 2 hrs. after my breakfast. I love cereal, but it just never keeps me full for very long. Actually...what does keep me full for very long? ha...

How cute are these adorable little pink flowers? They spring out everywhere and remind me of myself on a really frazzled, bad hair day. :) It was really nice having the study break to enjoy some butternut squash soup with cinnamon and parsley with a rosemary scone on the side. I spent some time soaking up the sunshine out on the deck. Blissful. I absolutely can not wait for summer to officially be here.

In honor of my duty and resolution to not be wasteful whenever possible, I gobbled down the rest of yesterday's stir fry.

...and finished the very last of the fruit in the fruit drawer (helllllo grocery shopping trip) with about 1/4 c. of ricotta cheese sprinkled with cinnamon. I forgot how much I love the stuff. And it's much less salty then cottage cheese, which makes a nice change.

I'm finding that the older I get, the more I enjoy flowers. I remember in high school, the only plants I enjoyed growing were the ones that fed me back. ;) But flowers have a way of cheering up a space. I love 'em.

...and despite my reputation of being a plant killer, I can still appreciate them. And leave the watering and other plant-care duties to other family members. ;)

Finals have been doing this to me lately. As in caffeine. With milk and just a tsp of sugar for sweetness. Ahh...I love the stuff too much lately.

I ended up going to a nursing home to apply for a dietary aide position. My mom had told me about it this morning, and I decided that instead of battling the idea around in my head like I normally do, I'd just drive there and apply in person. Whatever happens, happens. *crossing fingers* I asked myself if I really wanted the job or if I was mentally just telling myself it "would look good on a resume." And I came to the conclusion that it would be a great experience and would give me some insight into a different side of food preparation. We shall see what happens...:)

My snack was a packet of instant oats (not gonna waste them!) with a T. of chocolate carnation breakfast, 2 peices of chopped dried mango and a T. of peanut butter. Deliciouso...

I started to panic a little later as I realized all the information I still didn't know for tomorrow's final. But then I reached the conclusion that it wasn't worth freaking out over. All I can do is study and leave it at that. Otherwise I become overly anxious to the point where nothing sinks in. And when worse comes to worse, I ask myself, "In another ten years, will it really matter?"

Supper was wonderful and spent out on the deck again--I'm loving this georgeous 72 degree, sunny weather. :) We had orange marmalade salmon with quionoa and broccoli on the side. Also made a stir fry of summer squash, portabello mushrooms, onion, and zucchini by throwing in some oregano, salt, pepper, basil, and balsamic viniagrette on top. Really good!

...peice of 77% dark chocolate for dessert. I'm getting braver every time I buy a bar, trying to go a little darker then before. My next attempt will be 82%, but I think that may be where I draw the line. This one has a really nice, intense flavor.

And after another 2-mile walk, I came home to study more. But now my brain is officially fried, so I apologize if this entire post is incoherent, because my eyes are about to shut. Tomorrow is a busy morning and the final will be at 8. I have my iced coffee already made, and I hope to get in some studying as well before I go. There's just that much information that I know I haven't covered yet. Ugh...

Is it summer yet? :)
Exercise of the Day: 6 miles of walking, spaced out throughout the was nice getting up off the couch from studying for just enough time to get much needed fresh air!! :)

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