Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back in the Groove...

I'm finally back to 100% normality (whatever that might mean?) No flu, no stomach ache, and lots and lots of energy. Being sick might be seen as even a blessing...for one thing, it gave my muscles practically a week off. For another, I gave up caffeine for the entire week since it just wasn't appealing at the time. Now I feel a lil' more energetic without it. But my love for a hot cup of joe with soymilk hasn't subsided, so I still plan on saving it for the weekends when I can truly enjoy it. :) Or maybe even the occasional 'pick-me-up.'

Yesterday was a wonderful workout day. Nothing too fancy or over the top, but I just felt so darn good. :) I walked around campus, came home to go for a nice brisk walk with mom, and later went to the gym for a 3-mile interval run with the sister. I forgot how much I truly did miss running, and even going on a treadmill made me smile from ear to ear. I bounced between 6.2-7.0 mph on a 2% incline for about 30 minutes, and loved the music they were playing. Kept me grooving. :)

Stay tuned for some official foodie news sometime this week! :)

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