Friday, February 20, 2009

An end before a beginning...

I'm determined that today will be that day. That day when I can finally say, "Yeah, I'm over that darn stomach flu. I conquered those endless trips to the ladies room...repeat to self: *I* am victorious."

Then I look outside and see the cold wind wipping itself through the oak treas. Snow flurries pop out here and there, just to tease me, as if to say "it's still February, you can't get rid of us yet!" They could be here for a long while. Or they could disappear in a few seconds as the temperature rises ten degrees. This is New England...anythings possible.

So, then I decide that today maybe isn't quite that day. But it is still the end before the beginning. Tomorrow I'll be back into the groove with a 4-mile run. You may find me sprawled out on the side of the road by the end. Or you may find me grinning from ear to ear and wanting nothing more then to turn that 4 into a 10, blissfully lost in my endorphin rush. Either case is a likely scenario...

This is my blog...I love to run and I love to eat. It didn't take me too long to figure out that these oftentimes fit together beautifully. :)

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