Sunday, February 22, 2009

Summed Up Sundays

Monday: 3-mile run...that was sooo very long ago, but if I can recall correctly, it was a gloriously wonderful run too! Sun brightly shining, legs feeling good, etc, etc.
Tuesday: ...just never works for me. It's either a "get up early and go to the gym" morning or a "relax, make coffee, eat oats" morning. I usually always choose the latter. :-) This week especially, since it's when I started with the whole stomach flu...blah!
Wednesday: 3-mile walk...icky, evil stomach flu!!
Thursday: 2-mile run/waddle...probably one of those days I shouldn't have run considering I hadn't been eating much since Tuesday, buttt I did anyways.
Friday: Nada! But lots of walking around campus, taking stairs instead of elevators, parking in the furthest parking lot, etc.
Saturday: 5-mile walk

All Summed Up: 5-miles of running, 8-miles walking, and some 'excess' walking around campus (aka, looking for little ways to get more walking in.)

It was an off week. But right now all I care about is getting myself better, getting my energy back, and getting my stomach back to where eating a whole bowl of oatmeal doesn't seem like an olympic sized event.

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