Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Weekly Running Thoughts

This week covered all the bases of running.

On Monday I ran 4 miles of complete bliss. I was happy, light, energetic...the sun was warm, there was a cool breeze, and I was running in my shorts!!! for the first time this year. The neighberhood was alive which made it easy to 'keep on pushing' through some mental blocks. I love it when there are a ton of cookouts going on. I usually try and guess what people are eating for supper. :)

So that was my good run.

Then on Tuesday I ran at the gym which was incredibly hard, both physically and mentallly. I kept on trucking, but just couldn't get into the rhythm of things. Blah.

That was my bad run.

Wednesday I just relaxed and ate kashi pizza and orange soda with my sister...these days are needed. :)

Thursday was my ugly run...see? I covered the good, the bad and the ugly all in one week. It's kind of how it normally works for me, which is a nice cycle because by the time I get back to a new week I'm covering the good runs again. ha...

It was ugly because I underfueled throughout the day. No, I didn't starve myself. But my carb intake was low and my protein/fat intake was a bit higher. I also had a scattered schedule of classes and didn't get a chance to eat lunch until in the afternoon. By the time I came home for supper I was starving and decided to eat before running. Next time I'll stick to a light snack to give me some pep without weighing me down, and eat dinner afterwards.

Can we say heartburn??? It gets me every time I eat a big meal (especially in this case, with it being shrimp marinara!) Add a salad (fiber!) plus a whipped three musketeers bar, and I was a wobbling, bloated blimp! Sad, but true...

Today's run?? It was 3-miles of contemplation and thought. Sort of the period to the end of the sentence of running for the week. :) I covered 14 miles this week which I'm happy with...I might add on 2 miles tomorrow and bring up that mileage for a week or two before increasing my long run a bit more. Kind of excited about that....:)

On that note, off to panera to indulge in good food and friends...:)

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