Friday, March 27, 2009

Current Food I'm Eating Now:

Rachel's Pomegranate Orange Cranberry Cottage Cheese! The verdict? It was just okay. I guess I'm just more used to having a saltier, more savory type of cottage cheese. I like eating it with crackers usually. :) This one was sweet and dessert like.

I fit in one of my best runs ever. I felt so good! I covered 4 miles, and there were only a couple points where I felt like stopping. But I kept telling myself to just push through it...don't panic...keep running. Worked like a charm. Combine that with georgeous weather, an active neighberhood (cookouts, kids biking, people eating icecream cones, etc.), and I was having a ton of fun. :)

Tomorrow is a busy, busy shower, birthday party, and stuff like that. And hopefully some homework too. Gotta focus on that chem exam!

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