Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Day on the Seven Seas

My parents and I spent a wonderful day in Gloucester. You know how I said yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and perfect? Today even topped that.

But before I jump into the fun part, time for my Sunday Sum-Up:
Monday: Ice storm=skipped workout! I couldn't even bring myself to drive to chemistry class at 6:45 in the morning. :(
Tuesday: An absolutely lovely 3-mile run...I'm liking this time change thing which means I can run after I come back from school. Perfect!
Wednesday: A day of studying and exams! I had my kinesiology exam at night which meant not much time to fit in a good also meant every spare moment was spent with the books.
Thursday: I came t-h-i-s close to skipping my workout. I felt fried from all the exams and quizzes over the week, and with Nicole's phone call saying she wouldn't be at the gym due to being sick, I determined that a night off sounded pretty good. But when Matthew came out with his running gear on, I knew I'd better gear up as well. A 2-miler it was...brisk, fast, and energizing.
Friday: My dad and I headed out for a 3-mile run. The weather was perfect (it's been an awesome week, weatherwise!) Followed by an omelet. Life's good. :)
Saturday: Day 1 of the most perfect mom and I went for a 3.5-4 mile walk. And later I went for a 2-mile run with the guys (but they went much further.)
Sunday: aka, today! Lots of walking around Gloucester, and a short 1-1.5 mile walk at home.
All Summed Up: 10-miles of running, 4-miles walking + walking around campus.

Now, on to today!...
I was starving by the time we made our way to the Gloucester House today, but still forced myself to take it slow when looking over the menu. Did I want a large salad with grilled shrimp? Or the Angry Shrimp (spicy shrimp with tomatoes with cannellini beans)? Or the stuffed haddock? has way too many decision. ;)

The view was beautiful from our booth too. I love the New Englandy feel of the restaurants around Gloucester.

Silly times=Good times...:)

Anywho...on to the meal. I finally decided upon the Mediterranean Salmon, which the menu described as a "salmon fillet grilled with peppers, onions, summer squash, zucchini and eggplant topped with a lemon caper mayo."

The meal started with a side garden salad. I asked for the raspberry viniagrette on the side, but didn't end up wanting or using it.

Next came...cornbread! I absolutely love, love, love cornbread! I could have eaten the entire basket full and made it my meal. came as a lovely surprise.

The entree!!! Served with a side of smashed red potatoes. They were light, whipped, and creamy. And I had to take a few seconds to just enjoy the presentation of the main dish because it was just too pretty! I did finally dive in though, and polished it all off. :) The grilled veggies were absolutely perfect, and the salmon was nice and tender. The lemon caper mayo was mostly scraped off, but I did sample a lil', and it was heavenly with the fish. I especially liked the side of fruit as a finish to the meal. :)

Later we went for a nice long walk along the wharf.
Then we reached an opening with some really cool canons.

Enjoying the views...

This cove just always makes me want to go swimming.'s such a peaceful spot. :)

Spending time with a handsome local...;)

And now I'm home, relaxing. I keep forgetting that I don't have school tomorrow. No getting up early! I love slow mornings. :)

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