Monday, March 16, 2009

Today I traded comfort for fashion. I was wearing some straight legged jeans, threw on my skecher walking shoes, and realized that my achilles was feeling a little sore and "rickety." Uh-oh...we all know what that means. I refuse to go back to having achilles tendonitis and not being able to run throughout the summer!!

Anyways, I think it's related to those shoes! So instead I wore my clunky running sneakers. It proved to myself that running is more of a top priority then fashion. Good to know. :)

Current Obsession:

Greek yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of chocolate carnation breakfast, topped with some heart to heart and cinnamon (of course!)

I made up for the fashion faux pas by buying a new pair of jeans! :) I've been dying to get a new pair, ever since last summer when I put on a healthy 10 or so pounds. I decided that it didn't make much sense that I was still wearing the same pants, especially since they were getting a lil' too tight for comfort. Now I can be comfortable in a new cute pair of jeans. :)

I didn't have the most motivation ever today when it came time to hit the road...gotta be honest! But a nice long and slow run did sound a little appealing, so I decided to go with that. I went for what turned into a wonderful 4 mile run. I kept my pace really slow (like, 10-minutes-a-mile slow) but that's exactly what I wanted and needed at the moment.
And I had some of this guy as a finale to my hard work:

I at least did some homework today (and hopefully more tonight!) I brought the car in for an oil change, which ended up taking an hour. That gave me an hours worth of carboxylic acids and nitriles for company. Woohoo...exciting! Not! But I feel good to have gotten that in because I absolutely must do well on the next chemistry exam!

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