Friday, March 13, 2009

The Mighty Muffin

I managed to hype myself up enough to head out into the "cold" which turned out to not be all too cold at all. I think I just felt like being wimpy and having an excuse for a day in. ;)

The run was well worth the effort of getting myself motivated, though! Sun shining, legs feeling strong, and just feeling thankful and happy to be outside! It was one of those runs that remind me, "ooohh yeah....I do enjoy running, don't I?"

I think these guys might have had something to do with the pep in my step too...


I felt like baking all afternoon, and I wanted to try something new. So I made some homemade bran muffins. I took the basic recipe from Cooks Illustrated Light cookbook, but tweaked it by subbing half the butter with olive oil, decreasing sugar and raisins by 1/4 c., doing a 1:1 ratio of wheat to white flour, and...I think that's it. I'll post the revised recipe soon...:)

Now I'm in my p.j.'s, ready to relax. It's been a looong week, and my body is ready to unwind. Although I'm hoping I can be motivated enough tomorrow and get some chem homework in. We'll see about that...

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