Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Angel vs. Bad Angel

Reason #1-million Why I Love Having A Gym Partner:

On my ride home tonight, I was thinking to myself that it was highly possible Nicole might call and cancel going to the gym. She was feeling sick a couple days back, so I was sort of half-expecting a message to be on the answering machine, "Sorry I can't make it...catch ya Monday though!"

Yep, I was all prepared. Then I sort of toyed with the question of whether or not I would still go to the gym. This was my conversation with myself:

Bad Angel: "'s rainy outside and you deserve a night in with your sweats and a nice supper. Enjoy it!"
Good Angel: "But tomorrow you can't work out either, remember? You'll be in chem lab, and I know you won't feel like working out on a Friday night!"
Bad Angel: "Don't worry about it! Just workout extra hard next week! You've done it before. No biggie!!"

My mind was made up. The Bad Angel won the conversational controversy...Then I came home...and no message was on the phone.

I scurried into my workout clothes, grabbed my water bottle with an apple, and hopped back into the car.

And, might I add, I'm super happy I went to the gym after all. It felt so good to get a good sweat in on the cross trainer. I came home with plenty of time to enjoy a tasty supper and my sweats I just need to figure out which angel is going to win when it comes to my homework. ;)

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