Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring break couldn't come soon enough. This week was pure craziness, as I found myself staying up later then normal and getting up at rediculous morning hours. It left me feeling drained and running on empty. Add the recent time change, two tests, two quizzes, and a head cold, and voila! You've just summed me up! :)

My running has been a little off this week due to all the chaos. On Tuesday, I had a fast-paced 3-miler, and didn't head out in my sneaks again until Thursday for a quick 2-miler with my brother. Oh, and when I say quick, I mean quick as in speedy. It's been a busy week, so I'm certainly not beating myself up over the fact I've only gone out twice, but still...

If my head cold can dissipate though, I'll be taking advantage of the weekend. 56 degrees? Yeah, I'm lovin' it. Yesterday and today's frigid temps are well worth it if tomorrow and Sunday are going to make up for it. :)

Lunch today was a heartwarming bowl of homemade split pea soup, sprinkled with lots and lots of fresh ground pepper and a bowl of mixed veggies on the side.

Every meal needs a lil' crunch too. :)

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  1. I always wished I was better at running. Oh and by the way, that soup looks yummy!