Saturday, March 14, 2009

My latest addiction: chocolate rice cakes, cottage cheese, and a dash (or two, or three...or maybe six...:)...) of cinnamon.

Today was perfect. I almost felt guilty for not doing any homework. But not guilty enough to actually do any. ha! It felt nice to force myself not to open my chemistry book. Instead, I went out into the 47 degree sunshine for a long walk with mom, baked some homemade chicken pot pie for lunch, baked some honey oat quick bread for an accompaniment with mom's black bean soup, and enjoyed the most lovely short 2-mile run. I felt absolutely wonderful and considered going further but decided I better keep it short for my legs' sake. :)

Off to get some yogurt for a snack while watching Batman Begins...this spring break thing better not get too enjoyable. Ha...

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